A few days before the fight of the century between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather jnr, I was asked to give my predication, along with a few others, by Cape Times Senior Cricket Writer Zaahier Adams. I had a good laugh because boxing is not my field of expertise. I’m more than capable of holding my own though. I ended up writing a rather long winded prediction. I had tons of fun doing it though. Check it out.

My money is definitely on Pacquiao.

What a legend. Such humility.
Down to earth with no ego floating all over the show.
I ‘m a big fan of his boxing style.
He is aggressive and goes for the win from round one.
Some might see this as a weakness against Mayweather but I think it will work in his favour.
I reckon that it will take the American out of his comfort zone for the first couple of rounds.
Pacquiao’s rapid movements across the ring and quick-fire punches are going to be tough to deal with.

His “in your face” style allows him to break down his opponents guard early on so that a gap eventually opens which will allow him to drop the KO punch.
It’s the fight of the century and richest one in history.
A KO victory would be fitting – definitely the icing on the cake.
I’m hoping that this is the case and that the Filipino can land a massive right hook or two and a few powerful left straights thereafter.

This is me dreaming big and hoping that he can knock Mayweather out in about the 10th round.
Boxing fans deserve an epic match.
KO shouldn’t happen within the first 7 rounds though.
It would be would be unfair to fans.
So I’ve opted for the 10th.

Pacquiao is a fitness freak.
His trainer mentioned that he has prepped him for a 15 round fight.
I’m hoping that he maintains power and speed in his punches and movements.
If all goes accordingly on my side and Pacquiao wins, it will be interesting to see whether or not Mayweather will retire.
He is definitely one of the greats. His flawless record and outstanding career is testament to that.
However, I would love to see if he will he be able to hang up his gloves after losing to an arch rival in a fight that has been delayed for about 5 years if I’m not mistaken.

Who knows, there could even be a rematch if Pacquiao claims top honours.
If Mayweather wins, it will be well deserved.
Either way, I’m in Pacquiao’s corner and back him 100%.

I’m a bit disappointed with the manner in which both Boxers went about their business. I expected a bit more physical contact. It was the fight of the century after all. Well done to Mayweather on his victory and maintaining his unbeaten record.