I’ve always been a fan of the performance arts but never did I think that I would call myself a Comedian or Good Hope FM Sports Presenter. While growing up my dream was to play cricket for the Proteas. Let’s just say AB De Villiers and I were competing for the same spot and he just managed to get selected ahead of me. So where did it all start?

Well, 2010 seems to be the year when the seed was planted.
Good Hope FM had a campus DJ Search which was held in February. I heard the advertisements on radio but never really paid attention to it, simply because I had no intention of entering. It was an awesome initiative but I was terrified of public speaking. It just wasn’t my thing.

One Thursday afternoon during lunchtime I was on my way to buy a boerie and chips in the cafeteria with a few of my friends. An unusual buzz was in the air. The atmosphere was amazing. Good Hope FM was in the building. Station branding was everywhere and a mock studio set-up was created. The stage was set.

My friends and I stuck around for a bit and watched a few of the contestants audition. After watching for a while, one or two of them dared me to enter. I declined the offer on numerous occasions but eventually gave in. Peer pressure got the better of me. I proceeded to chat to the powers that be in order to secure my spot.

All contestants had to prepare a link and do a live read. This basically meant that we had to back announce the song that was playing, name the artist and chat about a relevant topic. In essence, we had to be radio jocks for two minutes. Words cannot describe how nervous and intimidated I was. It was go time.

There was an audience in the cafeteria. They were captured by what I was saying. There were quiet moments but I could see that they were paying attention. I even tried a few lame jokes and they laughed. I don’t know why, but they did. I really enjoyed this feeling. Subconsciously, the bug had bit me harder than I could imagine.

Fast forward one week later and I was crowned winner of the UCT leg of Good Hope FM’s Camus DJ Search. I finished as a top five finalist. Each finalist had the opportunity to co-host a show with Ebrahiem “EBI” Inglis. Being in studio and behind the microphone was priceless. I experienced a different type of adrenalin. One that I wasn’t accustomed to. It was the first time I was exposed to this beautiful craft.

7 months down the line. It’s 11pm on a Thursday evening in October and I’m studying for my final Politics exam. Sounds exciting right. For some weird reason, I stopped and started jotting down a few random points which I thought were funny. It was completely unplanned. The following day I told all my parents and friends about this epiphany and new endeavor that I was considering. None of them were sure what to make of it. I wasn’t even sure what to make of it. My parents probably thought that I was going through a phase. I remember some of my friends telling me that I was looking for another excuse not to study – procrastination in its purest form.

I browsed the internet to obtain some information about the Cape Town Comedy Scene. I never knew that gigs mainly took place in little pubs in and around the city or that the scene was well and alive with so many talented comedians. I started contacting individuals who were running the underground clubs gigs. After numerous emails, Facebook and Twitter messages, I was given my first open spot at Jokers Comedy Club in Athlone on the 27th of November. Words can’t describe how excited I was.

I invited more than 50 of my friends to the gig. All of them rocked up. In hindsight, inviting them was probably a huge mistake because I could have been terrible. Fortunately I wasn’t. I wasn’t great either. I was ok. I got some laughs. My set 4 minutes and 30 seconds. I don’t remember much. It was somewhat of a blur. I blanked out. Blurting out my thoughts in one go. But boy, it felt good. I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.
I had no idea what to expect or what I was getting myself into. All I knew is that I wanted to be behind the mic and get onto stage. It was as if I found my happy place. It felt right. I was in the zone. My zone. I felt like I belonged. Even when they didn’t laugh it felt good. I just enjoyed being on stage. This is when the graft started and long may it continue.

In case you were wondering, I passed my politics exam.
I eventually graduated with my BA, Honours in History as well as Post Graduate Certificate in education. I’m actually a qualified high school Mathematics and History teacher. More of that when we chat about my debut one man show; “I Came, I Taught, I Left”.

So, don’t forget to buy the odd boerie and chips every now and then. You never know what opportunities it may lead to. My craving for barbeque spice and danya sauce led to my first taste of the microphone and the stage. Best boerie and chips ever.